Life problems!!

I knew it, I knew it. My mom is driving me a little crazy. She is very demanding. Also forgetful in her old age.

The part to make this all worth it. She is so in love with Ava. She spends hours staring at her. Usually when she is sleep.

I re joined my weight loss group. I really can’t commit like I need to until I am in Boston. When I have a regular babysitter. Presently my mom is here and I can go to the meetings. I been sleeping pretty late. I haven’t gotten much packing done. I am going to start getting on the ball tomorrow.

When I came home there was another letter on the door. I was waiting to read about more heavy walking. No it gets better. We might not have water on and off for the next three days. Could they have given me any shorter notice.  I am not looking forward to going to Boston. I am looking forward to getting out of this apartment.



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