Crazy day!!

In leaving my house there was a letter tapped to my door. It was a full paged typed. Guess from who? My crazy neighbor from downstairs. The one who said I was walking to hard. Oh yes now she decided to write me a letter telling me about myself. She actually gave me a time to not walk around my apartment. I am thinking is this woman on crack. She also said when I moved in I woke her up. She clearly got the wrong person because I been here for a year and half. I didn’t just move in. She noted she didn’t have a problem with the past tenant. Did I mention my walking scares her cats. Her cats are like her children and she doesn’t want them scared any hiding in the closet because of me.

Now I am looking forward to getting out of this apartment. This crazy woman down stairs is pissing me off. I went to the leasing agent. She basically told me to ignore it. I can talk to the property manager on Monday. I am not totally looking forward to going to Boston, but getting out of here is looking better and better.

In the good news category I have my first day eating right. I rejoined my food program and I made it through one day. Did I mention I was eating a box of chocolate chip cookies every other day. Now I am detoxify from sugar and it is hard as hell. My mother said she heard detoxify from sugar is worse than cocaine. Not sure about that, but I have to say I really want some cookies. I desire that size 8 more than the cookies but it is hard. In the 20 pounds I lost after birth. I gained back 10. Yep I have been messing up and I had to do something about it. Here is to me getting my body back to right.


2 thoughts on “Crazy day!!

  1. Hey there, that neighbor situation is horrible! How unrealistic – does she know you have a baby? Definitely let her know about that if she doesn’t know because unless she’s completely insane (which she may be), she should understand walking around in the middle of the night more!

    Congrats on your effort to decrease your sugar – way to go! Maybe you could replace some sweet tooth cravings with some of the awesome fruit/nut/coconut etc. recipes out there.

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