Things are flowing!!

Well after my mother and I had the argument things have been decent. I am glad we had it out. We cleared the air after and decided to talk about things. Which is different then how we use to deal with things.

Ava gave her a run for her money and was screaming her head off when I called. She wanted her mommy.

We went to her one months doctor’s appointment. She is 10 pounds 5 ounces, 22 inches long and 15 inch head circumference. I asked for the percentile

Height 75%

Head   83%

Weight 67%

The doctor said she is going to be tall and thin. Clearly she has a big head lol. Which both my known donor and I have big heads. My baby has gas. We haven’t been burping her enough. I been giving her gripe water once a day. The doctor told me to give it to her three times a day. I am trying to stay up on my blog. I actually have her laying across my lap in front of the laptop.

I had my six-week appointment and the doctor took out one stitch that was left over. Then she said you can use your vagina now. I broke out laughing.

My aunt bought the paint for my room and the back room. The back room was supposed to be Ava’s room. My mother decided she is going to take that room. To put a bigger distance between our rooms for more privacy. Which is actually what I wanted to happen in the first place. She initially disagreed with taking the backroom. After our argument she actually suggested it. So god works in mysterious ways.


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