No naps!

I woke up this morning to a lot of noise. They are doing the roof completely over. I saw them doing other buildings. I thought I would be gone by the time they got to my building. No chance.

I was going to make a trip to Walmart, but Ava fell asleep. I thought it was the perfect time to pack. She woke up screaming in twenty minutes. I am not sure it was the noise or gas. Her body was tensing up so I gave her more gripe water. She calmed down. It finally looks like she is going back to sleep.

Now I am tired and I want to go to sleep with her. I am the mother and actually need to get to work.

In the bad news department. No unemployment for me. Why you might ask, because I live in Georgia. If I lived in a blue state I could collect. I can’t cry over it, I was never banking on it.  I am hearing the bedrooms that were painted came out great. I am looking forward to seeing them. Now packing and unpacking I am not looking forward to at all. Also the drive home is not top on my list.

Now the good news is. I lost 13 pounds in two weeks. I joined my food program again. I know this weight loss will level and it will not be so much so quickly. I still can’t fit in my size 16 pants. I have my eyes on the prize. I want to fit back into my size eight.


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