Moving sucks!!

I need to be all packed up in two weeks. I hate moving. I am sure like most people. I hope my stuff gets to Boston before I do. One less thing I have to do when I get there. Plus it would be nice to sleep on my bed and start getting things together. My baby slept for 11 hours last night.It would be nice if all this stuff can magically pack it self. I need to figure out when I am putting in the change of address form. I think I should do it Monday. I am concerned that I will get a hospital bill late. I need to work out my payment plans in a timely manner. Presently I have one payment plan. I foresee two more coming. I am glad I have Ava birth certificate and social security card. That was the most important thing.

Which means I slept great last night. I agreed to not look for a job until the work on our house is done. I had to put in a disclaimer. If I see a job I really want, I am going to apply. I really want to work for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or a federal job.  I am keeping my eyes on the prize.


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