Coming to get my crap!!

I got the credit card situation cleared up. They are coming tomorrow to get my crap. I still have some last-minute packing to get things together. I am trying to figure out what will fit in my car. Well mini truck, I have a Honda CRV.  Which is a little truck. Hopefully I can get everything I want in it. With the car seat I can get one of the back seats partially down.

I really need that Bumbo thing. She is getting sick of laying down when I can’t hold her. I would have purchased her one, but I have several friends in Boston that said they have one to give me.  My cousin is coming after work and will take some of this stuff to her house tonight. I took down the pack n play. That thing is the best invention ever. I don’t think I am going to put it back together until I get to Boston. Ava and I will have a good time on my cousin couch.

My cousin took the futon mattress. The actual metal portion wouldn’t fit in her car. She told me her 10-year-old son took the mattress out of the car. He said did you get this from ****(me). She said how do you know it’s from her. He said it smells like her. I was thinking it smells like me. Dag do I need to Febreeze the mattress. I guess not he laid it across the floor got his blanket and laid across the futon mattress. So cute!!


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