Not having fun!!

Ava was in the I don’t feel like going to sleep mood. I am working on my final packing. My stuff should be on its way to Boston in a couple of days. It wouldn’t be my life with out some kind of issue. My credit card company called me. Since I changed my address and had such a large charge on my account. The moving charge. They denied the charge and the fraud alert people called me. Now I need to call this woman and tell her to run my credit card again. I am glad I am not freaking out. Two days before they are coming to my house to move my crap, my credit card is denied. I am glad the credit card company is making sure no one is stealing my credit card. I was up late last night packing.

When I get all my stuff to Boston. I am going to go through my crap and purge. I should have done it now, but Ava isn’t giving me the time to do much. When I get home and have more hands, it will be a lot easier. I am still living in fantasy land and buying lottery tickets. Life is stranger than fiction, you never know.

While at my cousin house I need to stay on my food plan. I am going to die over there with no cable or internet. Ava and I might spend sometime at a few other friends house. I still don’t feel comfortable with her freaking out in front of people. I know I will get over it. I finally got her to sleep in my bed while I packed my bag of clothes. Most of the stuff in the bad does not fit, but I am going to keep on my food plan. The weight will come off.

A friend of mine is a teacher and has the summer off. I told her we can work out together. I plan to join the YMCA and she already has a membership. Ava isn’t old enough to go to the daycare. She needs to be six months for that. Which could have been perfect if she could go. Now I will need to coordinate babysitters to get my workout together. I am going to work most things around my mother and aunt’s schedules.

My stuff could reach Boston in 4 to 18 days. Which is a big window. I hope it is earlier then later so I can have a bed to sleep on when I get there. My mother already has the cable hooked up in the room. She has internet with no WiFi. My mother and aunt have no idea how to use WiFi. I am going to be everyone’s tech support when I get there. My aunt, mother and father. I don’t mind. I am there to help them and they can enjoy Ava.


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