Day 1

We are officially homeless. A lot to do before heading to Boston. I paid for my friend to clean my apartment after I left. It looks amazing. I should have had her do that on a regular basis. The movers were in there at 10am exact. They only took two hours to get everything out. My cousin came the night before and took most of my stuff that we are driving to Boston. We are living with her until we head up north.

She has no cable or internet. I am using my hotspot to update my blog. I am only signing up for this hotspot for a week. When I get to Boston I am turning this expensive crap off.  I slept on the couch. Ava also slept with me when I didn’t feel like waking up this morning. My back felt like total crap. I had to take two Advil to move this morning. My cousin kids are with their grandmother for the weekend. I wanted to take them to the movies. I guess we will do that on Monday.

It is so hard living in someone else house. I cleaned her kitchen and went and bought things I felt necessary for a house. Granted she did the same thing when she lived with me for a short period 13 years ago. I came home and my kitchen was organized and dinner was cooked.

I went to lunch with my friends today. One cried when I left. I felt so bad, I wish I could bring them with me. I am also going to three friends houses tomorrow. To see and say goodbye.

I decided I am going to make the best of being in a no cable or internet place. I am going to work on my book. Plus update my blog everyday. Might as well why I have the hotspot capabilities.  On Tuesday we will be going to Ava two months doctors appointment. Then head to my apartment for the final walk through. She is also getting her ears pierced. I can’t wait to see how she looks. My cousin watched her today while I went to Houston’s for lunch. She said she was good all day. She waited to frown up her face when I got home. She wanted to be grouchy for mommy.


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