Day 3

Now I know why my family got so pissed off when my cousin and I fought. My cousin’s kids have taken fighting to a whole new level. I have been trying my best to referee their fights for the past two days. They were in their rooms for fighting. I got them paroled because I want my 11-year-old cousin to braid my hair. I feel like I am at a slumber party. I already got her to paint my toes. They look great. She is the girly girl and I am loving it. I buy her all the girl stuff and she goes to town. I feel like her brother gets left out because he wants something more expensive then nail polish.  I did get him a basketball. Come to find out he had three flat ones in his room. So today I took back the basket ball and bought a basket ball pump. Which he broke with in an hour. I have to exchange it for a new one tomorrow.

Ava two month doctor’s appointment is tomorrow. She will be getting her shots and her earrings pierced. My cousin’s kids have been keeping me company. 11 and 10 have been my entertainment for the past couple of days. I am taking them to the movies tomorrow night. For my entertainment and there’s. It is hard to be in a house with no cable or internet. I am using my hotspot to write my blog. I really feel I need to change Ava formula. She has been having gas attack that looks crazy painful. A lot of farting and burping. I really feel this gas is causing her problems.

It has been very cute that they fight over holding, and feeding her. Granted they fight over everything Ava attention has been the biggest fight since we came to stay.  I know they are going to miss us. I will also miss them.


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