Today has been a hell of a day. My cousin kids have been by my side for days. I am thankful they were with me today. I took Ava to get her shots today. I get there and they say my insurance was expired. I was pissed, because it shouldn’t be done until July 31. I ended up outside of the office arguing with my benefits person and my insurance company. They agreed that they were in the wrong canceling my insurance. I knew the rules. I been at this company for six years. They lay people off on the first to make sure they at least get a month of insurance.

I was yelling at the lady you cashed my benefits check. What the hell. I ended up paying out-of-pocket for her shots. Which weren’t as much as I thought.  The ear-piercing was 30 bucks and the shots and visit was 170. I charged it, my insurance company will reimburse me. Which clearly I have to do the extra work of getting the bill and sending it to them for my money. I tried to be nice when I was talking to the lady about my lack of insurance. She acted like I was sitting at a desk and could wait for her to get back to me. I told her do not hang up the phone. I am sitting outside in crazy heat, sweating my ass off. My two month old is in a waiting room with her two cousin that are 11 and 10 years old. I was getting pissed off with every she didn’t know answer. Can I put you on hold crap. Finally they tried to give Ava a verbal that I had insurance. They weren’t going for it so I had to pay.

The kids were getting frustrated and so was I. They really wanted to be home and outside. They lost that privilege from all the fighting they do. So their mother told them they can go with me or sit in the house. I also promised I would take them to steak and shake. Bribery works with all kids. They change Ava formula to Similac sensitive. Because the appointment took so long she was hungry. How did I have the ready-made formula with no nipples. I felt like total crap. I have a hungry baby and I didn’t have a way to feed her. I thought how in the hell am I a mother.  We ended up at Walmart and I purchased the new formula we feed and changed her in the car.  Then we went to the beauty supply store to buy my baby cousin a few things for her hair. Also for her to do mine. Then I decided I was going to go to my old job.

That was the best move ever. I ended up talking to the president before leaving. We discussed the fact that the place was sold. He gave me his home and cell number to use for a reference. I brought up the fact I wanted unemployment. He told me to apply and they wouldn’t dispute it. I couldn’t believe how god had blessed me. I was to thrilled that I waited to talk to him.

I called the billing department of the hospital. I told them about my job situation. I will be getting a financial aid form in the mail. Things are beyond great. Other then my daughter having screaming fits all day. I am not sure if it is the formula. I think it is the shots. I been giving her Tylenol. A few more days and I am on the road to Boston. The future is looking bright.

I then took the kids to steak and shake. Our last stop was my apartment. I check my mail and found bills from the hospital. I did the walk through. I was called by the moving company driver. My stuff will be there this Saturday. So I will only have to wait one day for my stuff.


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