Last night in Boston!!

I am in the living room giving my 11-year-old baby cousin advise. Some she is grateful for and others she is not trying to hear. She is trying will learn when she gets older. I really should have spent more time with them. I have enjoyed these kids. We went to the movies and saw 22 jump street. Which was a stupid movie. They liked it so mission accomplished. I wanted to see it. The previews were the best part of the movie.  It was painful to watch that foolishness.

I have been watching what they wanted to watch on TV. I am not used to entertaining children. I guess I need to get use to it.  Soon I will have to watch children T.V. shows. My mother also. Which would totally be interesting. My mother never sat there and watch cartoons with me. Granted they didn’t come on as often as they do now. There is channel devoted to children now. Back in the say you had to wake up on Saturday morning. Or the after school specials was it.

Even though these kids are too much. Extra which is the new word I was taught from them. I have had fun with them over my few days before I leave this state.


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