Show down!!

Another argument with my mother. It was coming, I could feel it. I was getting very annoyed she kept telling me what to do. She would tell me what to do then say do what you want. Which I know she did not mean. I am working on getting a membership at the YMCA. The one I wanted said there daycare age started with walking children. That was not going to be helpful to me. I called another one and they said six weeks and up. I was so excited. My mother was pissed off and acted like I was leaving my child with Jack the riper.

It all started when she said she would watch Ava, Monday Wednesday because she didn’t have to work. Well that lasted one day. Which was Monday then she had a lot to do. This annoyed the hell out of me. I had a lot to do. I have been here all of four days with a lot on my plate to accomplish to get settled. With the responsibility of a newborn has been difficult.

I feel very fat and my feet have gotten bigger. My shoes do not fit. Once I get my unemployment things will improve. I will have more money to work with. My room looks great. I am taking my time to put my crap in it. I want it neat, not looking like an episode of hoarders.

Several things to be done tomorrow. The dryer was fixed today. My mother broke the dial, which was made with a cheap plastic. He put on a temporary dial. He will be bringing me a new one. 60 bucks later, I have a dryer that works.

I have the biggest pimple on my head. I can’t wait until everything in the house has its place.  Then I can focus on the house renovations and getting my body right. As soon as the house is complete we are having a party. I have never held a party in my life. So this should be interesting.


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