Cat hunt!

We left this morning looking for a cat. Ended up at the MSPCA which told us we were too early. Adoption is 2-6pm. We were there at 10am. Then my mother and I proceeded to go to two other shelters. Both had late hours. One wanted to check references. We ended up back at the MSPCA. My mother had a dentist appointment. Since it was so late I ended up driving her. Then Ava was screaming during the traffic on the way home.

Our new cat is named Daisy. We will be picking her up tomorrow between 3-4. She will be spaded tomorrow. She is a beautiful cat with the softest hair. She will have maintenance. Long hair cat, needs to be brushed a few times a week.  My only requirement is that she was friendly. Which looks to be the case.

I really need to go into this kitchen and make bottles. But I am scared to see one of our little friends run across the floor. I also got a membership to the YMCA today. I will be attending classes. I really need to call another location and see how early they take kids in the daycare.

I still have a pile of boxes to go through. The unemployment office from Georgia called me. I send off the information they requested of me. Money coming in would be beyond great. I am hoping it is approved quickly.

I am hoping this addition to our family Daisy, will like her new home!!!



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