What the hell!!

I have been here almost a week. I am really having a WTF moment. Why the hell did I choose to move home. Drama is in the house. My mother and Aunt have really been nasty. Granted for their own reasons. My mother had mouth issues and needed to go to the dentist. My aunt had work stress. Here is the deal. If I was in Georgia, I would go about my business until they acted right. Now I have to deal with them. My mother apologized when she got some antibiotics. My aunt kind of apologized.

I am staring at the reason I am here in the house I grew up in. Ava who is drinking her bottle on my bed. Yep I have to suck it up. Do I want to, if I had a real choice. Hell no I would be out of here so fast. But having my daughter with family instead of daycare. I can’t beat that. The fact that my mother would be devastated is a problem. She is her only grandchild. She comes in my room at night just to look at her. I can’t buy that kind of love.

So big girl panties and get the hell over it. I did get to go to they gym today. Which was great. I did a half an hour on an elliptical. Burned 409 calories. I also have done very well with my food. Due to my mother mouth getting better, she isn’t going to her part-time job tomorrow. So I can go to the gym again. Everyone wants to see Ava. I am a true second class citizen. We are going out to dinner with a friend and her family tonight. Then tomorrow we are going to her god mother’s house. They all have gifts for her. I am luck to have some great people in my life. Which includes my aunt and mother, even though they are driving me to drink!!!


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