Ex explosion!!

I have talked to two ex’s. They want to be with me. One I wasn’t shocked. He wanted to be the father to my child. The problem I had with it, he was still married. I wasn’t that desperate. My next ex I finally called and told him I had a baby and moved to Boston. I was shocked by his response. He said why didn’t you tell me. I would have come over and rub my stomach. He would have loved to have met my daughter. I found this so fascinating.

It would have been nice to have some companionship during my pregnancy. Granted there is a reason he was an ex. I tried to have a baby with him first. Which I really feel was a waste of time. It was meant to happen. Wasting my time trying to have a baby with him everything has worked out in a way I would have never expected. A week after I gave my notice my company was sold and everyone lost there jobs. I can get unemployment now. I do feel sorry for all my co-workers who are now have to find a way to pay their bills.

I been in Boston a week and a half. Nothing truly exciting has happened.  I started taking birth control today. It made me sick to my stomach. Since I am not having sex, I am putting an end to the pills. Maybe I will consider it again when I have an active sex life. I hope that happens sooner than later!!!


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