I need some sleep!!

I stayed up to late last night. Like I was single and childless. I use to stay up late doing pretty much nothing but killing time. Then sleeping most of the morning. Well Ava was like get your butt up and feed me and play with me. I was praying for her to sleep longer. No luck.

Tomorrow I am going back to my weight loss meetings. I need to be there early in the morning. My mother is going to watch Ava. Which my mother is not a morning person either. Granted she hates me being fat. So she told me to go back to the meetings. Which I really need to facet that reality. I have a full day tomorrow. Then I need to meet my friend at the YMCA. She has clothes for Ava. We are then headed to my cousin’s house for them to see the baby. I got roped into doing that. Long story!! Then my mother wants to get some exercise and walk the park.

I really need to get use to being out all day with baby girl. I haven’t had to, and it has been great. I want to do things and enjoy life more. So I am going to have to put an end to being house bound. I still am waiting a decision for unemployment. Once I am given the green light, I am going to find a mommy and me class for me and baby girl. I also want to go to the single mother by choice meeting. Lots to do and get done.

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