Only me!!

I had a particularly busy weekend. Of my own making. I went to Ava god mothers house. She is starting to get use to people. Then we headed to my father house. They live in the same town. While we were visiting my father and step-sister. Which Ava let herself be passed around. I was totally shocked. When it was time to go. God mother says some one smashed your window. I said what. I didn’t hear what I thought I heard. She was right my window was smashed in. I swear my life amazes me. My father brushed the glass out and put a cardboard box over the window. I was so paranoid about glass. Ava car seat was in the backseat. I vacuumed the car twice today.

My father said he didn’t think it was a person. Maybe something hit it and it smashed. At first I thought yeah right. Then we discovered nothing was stolen. My GPS was still in the car. Plus all our purchases had not been touched.

So I been riding around with a cardboard box on my window. It looks so ghetto, but what can I do. I was hoping it would be fixed today so I wouldn’t have to drive around embarrassed. No such luck they don’t work on Sunday. They are coming to my house to fix it tomorrow.  So happy it isn’t costing anything. Insurance taking care of it.

I went to another friends house and chilled out with her and her kids for a few hours. Ava went to her also. I started thinking where did this kid come from. She is being more agreeable to strangers.

I then when to the single mother by choice picnic. I met a lot of people it was very nice. Then I really felt bad. I asked a few women if they knew a blogger in the area. I been reading her blog for a few years. They said it sounds like this particular person. But she doesn’t have a blog. It started a big discussion. Then I found out a woman at the meetings read my blog. What a small world.

So my blog shero showed up. I really like her blog because she open and honest and makes me want to know more. There has been blog I just couldn’t take any longer. They never really said much. I knew it was her by her daughter’s name. She was shocked I figured it out. Then I realized others didn’t know about it. I said sorry a few times. Which I do believe her when she said it was okay. I still felt bad. If she wanted to be anonymous, I didn’t want to be the person to blow that for anyone.

If she ever reads my blog, I will say I really enjoy her blog, writing and family topics.


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