Sorry for the neglect!!

I have been neglecting my blog. Which I have no excuse for. Especially since I don’t have a job. I don’t know if I mention this in a prior blog. I was approved for unemployment. God is ridiculously great. Money I wasn’t expecting to enter my life was beyond what I expectation. I didn’t think I was going to get it for a while with all the drama and explanations needed.

I don’t want to neglect my blog. When I was reading other people blogs, I would hate when they wouldn’t update after a while. I might not be as consistent when I start working. Right now I have enough time on my hands to update it.

Living with my mothers has pros and cons. I love seeing how much she loves Ava. I know she is happy I am home. She is not one of those parents not wanting me to come back. She never wanted me to leave. Now that Ava and I are here she is thrilled. We run errands together. Which she loves. She hates to drive but has a car. She has a 1995 Geo Tracker with 75,000 miles. She said she puts 4 dollars of gas in her car a week. So being a passenger is her cup of tea. She loves sitting there while I drive us from place to place.

Now the fact that my mother is a control freak drives me crazy. She is the opposite of a hoarders. She loves to throw things away. Which drives me insane. She hates clutter. I am having adjustment issues with not living alone. I miss having my own place, and doing my own thing. Living with my mother is challenging to say the least. Not the worst situation and I am learning to suck things up and let it go.

I also am trying to work on not dating for a year.  Making a commitment to not date until I get myself together is not that easy for me to do. I miss the attention of a man. More companionship than sex. I need some adult time. My mother watches Ava when she feels like it. Since I am not working that is her option. I haven’t been getting to the gym like I thought I would be. My mother enjoys the control of watching Ava when she feels like it. Since my child screams like someone is killing her when anyone else touches her. My babysitting options are pretty limited to my mother. Please god let her grow out of that.

My mother is still working two-part time jobs. She also has her life and the things she likes to do. My life is based on my daughters care. At this point I don’t know how I would date. Unless it is house date which I am totally against. You need to take me out. No sitting in the house watching a movie and not going anywhere. I refuse to start that, because it will create problems for later.


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