Aunt Flo strikes again!

I haven’t figured out when my period comes. I use to be so regular it was crazy. Which I learned doesn’t mean you can get pregnant because your period is regular. I felt it was coming for a couple of days. Well it is here. I am going to reschedule my doctor’s appointment. I can’t do all that with my period. I don’t like dealing with myself. Let alone with an audience. I did have some questions for the doctor. They will have to wait.

Today is Ava four months appointment. She will be getting shots today. Poor baby!!! My mom is so excited to go. I have my question written down. I already started giving her cereal in her bottles. Which she drinks down like there is no problems. Her gas has let up, but still there. I am trying to decided when I am going to head back to work. Staying home with a child all day is not what I expected. I love this little girl more than life itself. I need some adult time.

Tomorrow I will be picking my friend’s son up from school. I am learning that you give help, because I could need help. I always been a helpful person. I know I would eventually need help which I found out majorly when I had Ava. I also have to allow people to help when I need help. Which is not the easy for me to do. Can I hit a switch and fix me!!! I wish it was that easy.


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