Motherhood isn’t easy!

I do not have an easy baby. I went to run some errands today and she screamed with my mother. Being a stay at home Mom is really making her so connected to me. She doesn’t like people. How the hell am I going to have a social life?? The doctor said she should grow out of it. I am looking forward to that. I got my toes done. They look great and I feel great with them done.

I bought a scratch ticket today. The lady pulled one I didn’t want. I bought it anyway. If you are a lottery player you understand. The accidents could be winners. Right place,right time. Any clerk mishap could my mistake to financial freedom.

Mommy Fail!!! I cut my daughters finger nails. They have been doing a number on me and her face. Well I drew blood by accident. It was the equivalent of a paper cut. It would not stop bleeding. She only cried for a minute. Something so small to make you feel like the worst mother in the world. I am still going to have to cut them from time to time. I will be more careful.

I met a woman who two out of three of her children have autism. I thought OMG why do we have so many cases of this now a days. I pray Ava is okay. I also decided I will make the choice by 42 if I want another one. Now if that clerk has made me a millionaire. I will be on the way to the fertility clinic as soon as I deposit my money. Got to keep the hope alive. Life is stranger then fiction!!!


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