September 24, 2014

I am in total love with this little girl. She has started waking up at 4:30 am in the morning. Granted she goes to sleep at 5pm. She is a very restless sleeper. I haven’t had a chance to put her in her nursery. It is getting close to completion. She hasn’t slept in there yet. Working on that. She has slept in the pack n play. It is getting cold in Boston. I purchases an electric blanket. It was helpful last night with the cold.

Waking up early I am beyond tired because I don’t go to sleep at 5pm. I wonder how I would feel if I did that one day.  I am sure I would be up in the middle of the night if I went to bed that early.

I am nervous about going back in the work force. I know I will have to go back, but I am not in a total rush. Granted sitting home isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. I have a total new respect for stay at home moms.

My mother and I had a major heart to heart.  She said when she gets on my nerves to say time out. I told her she was making me feel 12 years old. I know my mother doesn’t mean to make me feel that way.  I am coming back to the home I grew up with. She wants to play the mother card. I am an adult that has lived a lot of my life. I will be 40 at my next birthday. So I don’t need to be ordered around.


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