Another Fight!!

My mother and I had a small fight again. I talked to my father and said what is wrong with his crazy ex-wife. He laughed and said there are some good things also. I would have to agree. My mother and I have never really seen things eye to eye. We got along so much better when I was very far away. I pray Ava and I relationship is a lot better.

God is good and even the issues with my mother are annoying. Things could always be ten times worse. I know I am freaking cold. I have this cold chill in my body. I know my first true winter in Boston is going to kill me.

Someone won the power ball millions of dollars. Was it me? Don’t know I haven’t checked my tickets. I haven’t watched the news to see what state. 9.9 out of 10 it was not me. But I am going to enjoy the fantasy anyways.

I have been working on my makeup. I need to jazz myself up. My skin has finally cleared up on my face. I don’t really like a whole face of foundation, but now I don’t need it. I don’t mind the imperfections of my skin. I did the mind so much acne it look I had a big facial rash. Thank you god no more rash on my face.

Once I can fit my clothes again I am going to try to be a minimalist. I realize I have a lot of stuff. I will invest in some winter things and accessories. If I can get back to my size 8 I have enough clothes. My size 16 jeans are getting to big. I can pull them off without unbutton them. Which works for me. Getting there slowly but I am getting there. I have to work on two jobs I need to apply to by tomorrow. I have a few other projects I am working on also. How I wish I could have no financial worries and work on my projects. I know I sometimes live in a fantasy world. Which my family can’t stand. It is a dream, not a way to deflect from reality. The reality is I need to get a job. Not looking forward to it. It is time to jump into the reality of being a single mother. I have had the luxury to be off work this long. Time to face reality.



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