Sick with an infant

The cold made its round in this house. It started with my mother, then Ava. My turn was the obvious choice. The only one who didn’t get sick in this house was the cat. I woke up feeling awful. I also have my period. Could it get any worse. I woke up at 3:30 which Ava was in my bed by this point. I woke her up and she didn’t go back to sleep until 5:30 am. I really could have slept the entire day.

I was in and out of consciousness. I did prop her up with the education cartoon on. I woke up and she was fine. How do people get sick with small children. She still had a cold and whipping buggies out of her nose has been an all day job. What I realized is a wet wash cloth was best for that job. She protested every time I tried to get the mucus and saliva off her face. She seemed fine to let it sit there.

My next mission is how to get her to sleep all night. She is a restless sleeper. My child will toss and turn forever.


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