Yuck mouth!!

I forgot to brush my teeth yesterday. I can’t believe I did that. I am happy I didn’t go anywhere to be embarrassed. My daughter had to deal with my bad breath. She didn’t say anything. I was consumed with being sick and tired. She finally slept until 6:15am. I think we have turned a corner into feeling better. The snot still coming out like crazy. She was sneezing herself awake. We started eating baby food. She is spitting out more than she is eating. But it is clear she likes pears. She is leaning into the spoon to get more. I am going to venture out tomorrow to buy more food. I only got two of each kind. I really want to head to Walmart. I am not feeling the long drive, but I am going. If it isn’t raining crazy.

My mother wants me to wait until she gets off work. I know she likes going with us places. I don’t like cramming everything in one day. When I don’t do much each day. I did find a job I was interested in. I will apply to it by the weekend. I know I am smart, but feel so inadequate when applying to a job. I know they make jobs so much more than they are. Then you get there and you realize it wasn’t that big of deal.

This will be my first time working with a child. That part scares me a little. How will I juggle everything. It has been a blessing I been with her so long. Now I have to get back to reality. I am scratching some tickets tonight. Maybe retirement is in my future. Hey I can dream!!!

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