Mommy Fail!

Babay foodI really think this rash was started from baby food. The nutritionist said she could have baby food from 4-6 months. The doctor said six months. She is five months on 10/16/14. She did say try one food for three days to see if she is allergic to the food. I really thought she would only take a few bites and I would put it in the fridge. Did I know this kids would love food and eat the whole damn thing. I should have known, her momma loves food. She was opening up wide and putting her head down for more.

Well Three different foods in a week. Peaches, Sweet Potatoes, and Bananas. Which did it? I know I need to listen more than I do. I really thought it was just a little diaper rash. But when she scratched herself. I can’t have my daughter in any kind of discomfort. I ran to urgent care. She said cut out the food until six months and gave me some medicated cream for the diaper rash. When I got there the rash was now on her stomach too. Yep allergic reaction. Why to go Me, I felt so damn bad. Now when we get back to food. Which will be a month from now. I will try food for a week and see what happens.

The doctor told me I can put cereal in the baby bottles and the nutritionist said don’t do that. Everyone has an opinion. I am going to stick with the doctor from now on.

I was asked in the comments about Single mother by choice meeting. I say go. I met a person that was my buddy in the process. She wasn’t just on my side. She understood everything I was going through. Our daughter are literally a year apart. I was there for her and she was there for me. I randomly met her at a meeting.


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