Modern Medicine!!

The rash looks so much better today. Thank God. I felt let the worst mother in the world. Five month old with diaper rash. I really feel it had to do with the food not diaper changes. I did wake her up between her long night sleep and changed her diaper. She was not a fan of getting up and she also stayed up for an hour and half. Which I was not a fan of. I have no idea how I am going to do this work thing. I am so tired. I know I will get into a routine.

Ava is such a restless sleeper. So my mother said the plumber is a whore. LOL do I want a man who cheats. The short answer hell no. He told me to call him. Which has not happened. I really need to start applying to jobs. I am so not motivated. I heard from one of the two jobs I applied to. They said they received my resume. I am feeling a little financially insecure. I know things are not that bad and it is my own neuroses.

I have to go through my stuff and find an interview suit to put together. Not what I want to do at all. I know I need to grow up!!! I am working on it!!!


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