Home ownership is overatted!

I owned my own home. I was not a big fan of owning. Having to be responsible for everything. So I am back home and they have been putting a new roof on our house for the past three days. My aunt is here saying she is supervising. Which I find funny since she knows nothing about a roof but okay. She is mad the contractor is not here. I told her the contractor sub contracts it out. She is mad he went 3k up on the estimate. Which I would agree with if she didn’t sign the contract and get more involved with it before these men were up on our roof. Basically a man second guess it and now she is pissed. I do understand the feeling of being jilted.

When my door got kicked in I had to get a new door immediately. I know I got taken by the amount and the horrible workmanship. My mother said there was five roofer up here. I have no idea why she picked this guy. There is a lot more work that needs to be done. I pray this doesn’t slow down the process. We need a new bathroom big time. I am going to pray for things to work out. I still don’t want to hear the bullshit. She is on her way here I am sure that is what I am about to hear.

Being a mother is very interesting. I really think it would be different without my mother’s input. I have to suck it up. This is what is best for my little family.  She amazing. She turns over and lifts her head up. She also loves to talk. I know her and when she is tired and needs to sleep. She has her own personality. Mommy is her main girl. Everyone else is second fiddle to me. Which I have to admit I secretly love.  I can’t really leave her on my bed she is moving and grooving. I am not comfortable leaving her on the floor. Especially with this crazy cat lurking. I am feeling there is going to be some crying in the pack n play. While I get a bottle or whatever I have to do. I can’t have her in my arms all the time.

Life is good and I am trying to appreciate it.

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