Early morning wake up!

My child wakes up at 4:30am. Sometimes she makes it to 5:30am.

Tonight we are going to a harvest party. Churches do harvest inlue of Halloween. My mom said she wouldn’t go because it’s in Roxbury. Granted not the greatest part of town. I am not worried about going to a church.
Plus she gets to wear her Halloween outfit. There is a possible work contact at this shindig. My unemployment ends in two weeks so I better get hopping on a plan. I am not broke yet, but I also don’t want to be.
I realize my baby is a crier . When you hear it a lot you start getting amune to it. So miss thing doesn’t want to play or eat and is clearly fussy. Meaning she needs a nap. I put her in her crib and cries. With in ten minutes or less she is asleep. I was doing well with putting her in the crib until she got sick. Then I went into hugs and kisses mode. Plus I watch her on the video cam the whole time. She woke up today after fifteen minutes. Instead of rushing in there I let her cry for two minutes. She fell asleep again. She needs these naps. I got to do dishes and use the bathroom in peace. Which might seem like small things, but they aren’t to me.

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