I won the lottery!!

Before you start jumping for joy. I won 500 bucks. Which I appreciate don’t get me wrong. But it isn’t enough to get me out of the house of crazy. I love my mother and appreciate her, but I so need some space. She has a level of control being my only form of daycare. Which I actually did some research today. Finding a daycare close to this house was not an easy feat. I talk to an old friend and she has her daughter way on the other side of town. She also has a voucher. All the daycare asked for vouchers. I know as soon as I get a job I will make too much money for a voucher to work for me.

My mom drives me insane with her level of paranoia. She didn’t want me to cash my ticket by myself. I am thinking are you serious. This the same woman who will use her ATM card late at night in a Walgreen’s. I know what I have to deal with. I didn’t remember why I left this city and house in the first place. My father told me to look at the positives. There are a lot of them.

I might need to move in with the plumber for freedom from my family. Then I might be going from the pot to the frying pan. How can I win. Well you know I reinvested my scratch ticket money. Is there enough to get my own place and a nanny. That would be the greatest thing in the world right now. My mother can just be a grandma and not my primary support. It really makes me upset anyone has that level of control over my life.

I really should have thought all this through a lot better. Can’t cry over split milk. Moving on. I won 500 buck. How could I be mad about that. Today was a good day!!

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