Raining Saturday

I am starting to feel like a real mom.Two birthday parties this weekend. Ava and I are going even though it is raining. My friend said people won’t come to your party,if you don’t go to there’s.
We have another party on Sunday. They can’t wait to see her.
I put my resume online. Three recruiters called me. I have an interview with one on Monday. The ball is rolling. I am nervous to start new job. New people and politics. Traveling in the Boston weather. Having to learn new things, perform and be reviewed. I am praying I am going to get a great job with great people.
My daughter is in her crib. I have a few minutes to myself. My aunt got mad, because I didn’t want to talk to her while I have an hour of peace to myself. My mother and I argued because Ava cried when she first was put in her crib. My mother doesn’t like to hear her cried. I told her she needs to get over it. Things are going along no complaints.

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