Moving out!!

We made up that same day. It was family break down in a major way. We all apologized to each other and life continues on. This has made me realize I will not live here forever. I will be making an exit eventually. As my cousin said, I am here for a reason. I need to keep that in focus. When I get a job I can work on getting out of debt and creating a nice nest egg. Then Maybe I can quite work part-time and go to school without financial stress.

My mother keeps calling the plumber my boyfriend. She claims she won’t comment on what I should do. It is obvious she likes him. Does she like him for me is a question she wouldn’t answer. I will tell you when I was desperate to leave this house I was going to do whatever and move in with him. Not my usual plan of attack in any situation but I was desperate.

I went to see a recruiter and I actually thought it went well. She said she had an opportunity that she is putting my resume in for. I am praying that it comes through it sounds perfect. It is only two towns over which makes it very close and convenient. I really want to call this woman. I just met her yesterday so I will wait until early next week.


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