Guess who is Six months??

2014-11-18 21.34.52I can barely believe Ava is six months old. I can barely believe I haven’t worked in six months. All surprising to me. I love my baby girl to death.  We went to the doctors, she had four shots. One included a flu shot. She is 18.2 pounds which is the 84%, 27 inches tall which is the 89% and here head is 17.5 inches which is the 96%. My child has a big head. Well so does her mom so I can’t complain. She cried during the shots, but as soon as it was over I picked her up and she gave the nurse a dirty look. My mom left the room, she couldn’t take her getting shots.

In my news the plumber kissed me. I kind of didn’t reciprocate. I am not sure where I want to go with him. I been looking for a job. Which sucks. I think with it being fourth quarter things are slow until the new year. I still have my lottery fantasies with no monetary luck. Living with my mom is cool sometimes and other times I wish I had my own place. My cousin said it is a means to an end. Which is true. I love my mom, sometimes I feel we need space from each other in a big way. She is moody. I am moody. It doesn’t always go over well.

Ava took a two-hour nap in her room today. When there is no noise and she goes to sleep (which doesn’t always happen) She is out like a light. I have no real complaints. Today all my needs are met. I only have today. We will see what happens tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Guess who is Six months??

  1. Happy 6-month Birthday, Ava! 🙂 She looks so cute in that picture – definitely growing up a little! Glad things are settling with the family tension. Hope you get an awesome job offer soon.

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