Living life!!

Nothing special is going on here. Hopefully are bathroom will start the process of renovation after Thanksgiving. I will keep it in prayer. Life is great no complaints. My mother still has her moods. And I have mine so I can’t really complain about that. I am losing weight thank you god. I want to get back into my clothes and stop feeling like a fat blog. The plumber is still hitting on me which is nice. My world is very small since I do not have this full list of babysitters. After watching 20/20 the other day I am not that trusting of nannies either.

I went to the gym and ran into someone from high school. She was a year older and I always thought she was nice even thought I didn’t know her well. She lives very close to me. We exchanged numbers so maybe a new friendship will emerge. I need to make my world a whole lot bigger. I obsessively look at houses I can’t afford online. My mother bought me a scratch ticket. It would be hilarious is the one she bought brings in the cash. Believe you me I would say thanks mom with a big ass smile.

I feel like I am not being productive as I want to be. I really need to work on that. My baby is only six months and I am thinking about having another one. I never thought that would happen at all. I hated pregnancy and hated giving birth. I am grateful for her in a way I can’t even explain. Over two years ago I was in tears for not getting pregnant. How life can change on a dime. She is the best thing I ever did and also the hardest thing I ever did. I know my life will be filled with a lot of challenges. Here is to life and all its glory.


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