My interview for tomorrow isn’t happening. My recruiter claimed the director didn’t come in to give them a time. I don’t know how I feel about that. I have no choice but to deal with it. We will see what happens. Then another company might be interviewing me. I haven’t heard great reviews about this company, and how they treat their employees. They are going to pay me very well. I haven’t been at a job for six months. It feels like ten years. I wanted to go to the gym tonight but my mother was tired so that isn’t going to happen. It is six pm and she is already asleep. I am waiting for Ava to go to sleep to take a very long shower.

I am ready to work. Or be independently wealthy. I did when 100 bucks on a scratch ticket. Not the million I was looking for, but I will take it.

I bought Ava new convertible car-seat. My mom said why didn’t I buy the more expensive one. She always offers to pay for things. My mother is on a fixed income. I don’t want her money. My father agreed to buy the car-seat. He is also on a fixed income but he hasn’t bought anything for the baby. I did not want to go crazy with the price of the car seat. I am a reasonable person, and I really hate feeling like a burden to anyone.

The plumber and I talked and I told him I didn’t understand why he was interested in me. We are so different. Just like a man I got no answers to that statement. I swear every man who ever has entered in my life don’t know how to use their words. Women want explanations, but I always get half ass answers to direct questions. When they say men are from Mars women are from Venus it so true.


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