Does Lighting strike twice!

My last job situation was great. I am praying for that to happen again. My interview is tomorrow. I am meeting the hiring manager. If she likes me I will meet the director at a later date. I wish it was all at once. I am glad they are still interested in me. The recruiter told them they need to jump because I have other interviews. Which is true I am waiting for another interview to be set up. Life is about to change in a big way.

Back to the reality of life. I am not independently wealthy so I have to work. I have a plan to get out of debt in two years or less. I want to aggressively pay off my bills so I can be on a cash basis. I am sick of owing people.

I went to Walmart and picked up baby food that was more interesting than the basic green beans, and sweet peas and bananas. I went on the Beechnut website and found they have macaroni and cheese, Chicken and rice, Squash and mango. I want my child to like a variety of food. So I splurged on different foods. I don’t want a picky eater. I already have a high maintenance child.

I need to get her out of my bed. That is going to be a long process. My child has me wrapped. It is hard when they don’t understand. Even thought I am getting the impression she knows a lot. She cries harder when I get in the room. She knows when she ramps it up I will get weak. Not all the time, but I do cave more than I thought I would.

I am 212 pounds. Which means I have lost 26 pounds since I moved to Boston. Not the massive weight loss I wanted. I do appreciate having a weight loss. I have 47 more pounds to get to the 165 I desire to be.



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