Another Job interview!

When I left the job interview on Tuesday a recruiter called me about another position. I told him I didn’t want to meet him unless he had a job. I am sick of wasting my time. He said he had a position and he wanted to get me in front of them immediately. This job fits my resume perfectly. I am praying it is a great fit. I was supposed to meet him on Monday by 11:30am.  Well the company wants to meet me. Of course he wasn’t going to send me on n sight unseen. I couldn’t do an earlier time. My mother works very late on Sunday night. So we had a Skype interview.

Which went great until the lights went out. The electrician was doing some work. I immediately called him back and he said it was OK. So now I have an interview on Monday with the actual company.

On a baby note. She is teething. Which includes a lot of slobber. She also pee again while having her naked time. Everyone is right the diaper rash looks like it is doing better. I need to be consistent.

I am praying this job doesn’t have a whole lot of overtime. I want to fit right in do the job and go home. I know I am jumping. Right now I just want to do well on my interview. Thanks for all the positive comments.


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