I didn’t get the job. Which I assume was god plan. I was very disappointed. My mother and I have made a decision that if I do not have a job by February I am going to go for a temp to perm or a temp. To have money coming in.

I did hit on a scratch ticket for $500.00. Which I scratched because my Aunt and I were arguing. When I scratch them and they are losers I usually put them a side a look at them again later. I don’t want to throw out a winner by accident. Which is exactly what would have happened. I had a winner in what I thought was a stack of loser. I haven’t scratched how much yet. I want to live in the fantasy that it is 10 million dollars. Which I have been planning in my head what I would do with the money.

Working is not on that list at all. I know my fantasy is better than my reality. My reality is pretty great also. Every day when I wake up with my daughter in my bed. Which was not the plan. I wanted her in her own bed. Hey I tried. LOL When we are cuddling in the morning I feel so blessed that she is mine. God is real and gave me the best gift of my life.


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