A new phase of my life!!!

I start work on Monday. I am nervous like I am starting any job. I am actually getting  my hair done at my mother’s request tommrow. I need a trim in the worst way. I am not a fan of sitting in a hair salon. Granted I do not go often at all, so i really need to suck it up.
I am putting myself on a budget. I will be doing my own nails. I gave myself a pedicure and manicure. It’s not looking professional, but I am sure it will get better with practice. I bought the Sally Hensen gel nail kit. My biggest pet peeve is chipped nails. It looks horrible. Gel nails are supposed  to last two weeks. I will let you know if it is worth buying.
I really want to work on my appearance. I usually look very homie at work. Not into my looks at all. I don’t want to be the random looking women at work. I also decided I know longer will no longer purchase cheap shoes. The DSW near my house has allot of 11. Granted I will be a 10 once I lose the rest of my weight.  I need to treat myself better.
I also want to get this child to sleep through the night in her own bed. Which I know is going to be a challenge. All a part of motherhood! !!!


Living the dream!

I am actually living my dreams. I wanted to move home. I wanted a baby and now I have a job. I will be starting on Monday. It is blowing my mind that I have been out of work for almost nine months. I am in debt for sure, but I made it and haven’t messed up my credit. Of course the day I start will be a snow storm. I am going to try and find me some thermal socks and better gloves tomorrow. I decided that I am taking the bus and train to work. The monthly pass is expensive. I still feel it would be cheaper then gas and wear and tear on a old car.

If you read my blog you know I am pretty goal orientated. I am fitting into my smaller clothes and loving it. I have to lose 20 more pounds to get into the rest of my clothes. I am on my way.

My next goal is to get out of debt. This mission to have a baby has did a number on my debt to income ratio. I am sick of owing people. Living with my mother gives me a financial boost to start to pick away the debt.

I am going to start this job with a budget. First order of business is get my savings to healthy amount. My savings have been depleted in a big way. Then I am going to work on my debt while also saving. Once I am totally out of debt I am buying myself a new car.

On another note, I told the plumber I am not interested in dating him. I am getting a few red flags from him. He seems very controlling. I do not do controlling he would really see the ugly side of me. I don’t like being told what to do. He tried to play stupid when I told him how I felt. He can play that mess all he wants too. I know what I said and I meant it. I am moving on. I have a few things on my plate. I am open to meet a guy and have some sex in my life. Yes it is getting dusty down there. I have no idea where I would fit that guy in. I don’t have the free time I use to have. I am sure I will figure it out.

Blizzard 2015 WTF!!!!

I move home to a blizzard. I was hoping for a no snow winter. I hate snow. I know I need to suck it up. I did move to Boston. No my family couldn’t live in Florida. I am glad the snow didn’t come the week I started my job. The week before was the time for a winter wonderland. We have food and all the needed stuff. I pray the lights don’t go out. I was told they rarely go out in the city because our lines are underground.

I don’t feel I lost much weight this month. Which is very discouraging. I have lost 41 pounds. I was hoping for a big number this month. I am fitting in half of my clothes. I can’t wait until I finished into the rest. I hate the lack of closet space in Boston homes.

I am ready to make some money. Build up my savings again and get out of debt is my major plan.

The plumber and I are on hold at the moment. Long story, but I told him I to cute for drama. He needs to clean up his side of things and get back to me. He said if you are not available once he cleans it up, it is his fault. I totally agreed.

I got a job!!!

I talked to the recruiter and I was offered a job. I asked for more money. As my HR Director friend told me you always ask for more. All they can say is no. I would take what they offered, but if they pay me more I would be happy. I am going to work on a plan of paying off my debt. The commute will be interesting. I also need to work on some major time management skills.

I am going to head to the public library. I was told you can get books to download for free with a library card. Sounds like a plan for my car ride. I only been looking for a few months. I am happy I found a job. I was running low on money. I am ready to get my saving back to healthy.

The plumber said we are in a relationship. I firmly disagreed. He said we are growing a relationship. I guess I can get with that. Granted we haven’t had our first date yet. He is going to help me figure out a good way to drive to work. I am also going to take the bus and train there one day so I have another option if needed.

Ava update she is standing up in the pack n play. I can see one tooth in her mouth. I tried to read to her and she wouldn’t sit still at all. I am going to have to work on that. She loves the tub and taking baths. Life is totally different then it use to be. My time was always my own.  I have a lot of projects and things to work on and complete. My life is a constant journey.

Mad at myself!!

Ava and I was out and about today. Went to three stores for no reason. Other then nothing much to do. The HR person email me and stated the recruiter would be getting back to me. I received a long distance call at noon today. I just checked my messages an hour ago. I forgot I even gotten a call. I thought it was this recruiter that has been stalking me to take jobs I wasn’t interested in. No of course it was the woman calling about the job I am waiting to see if I have gotten. I am so mad at myself. I know waiting to Monday to call her back is not a deal breaker. I could have went into the weekend with good news.

God is teaching me patients. Which I am not happy about at all. My child is up and not trying to go to sleep. Our bathroom is complete and she did take a bath. She loved it. I need to buy bathtub toys. The seat I bought was great.baby bathtub seat I also took a bath using the whirlpool jets. If the water didn’t get cold I would have still been in there. Hopefully I will be employed by February. Working on the positive. So no hopefully. I will be employed by February.

Still no news!

I am waiting for this job to tell me something. I had the interview last Wednesday. So today makes it a week. I am trying to stay positive. My old boss said it takes a while to do a background check in another state.

Ava isn’t feeling well. She has a cold. I put the baby vicks on her. I used saline for the congestion. I really want the thermometer that you swipe on there head. Instead of the one you stick in her ass. I am going to get one tomorrow. We have several things to do tomorrow I am going to write them down tonight. My mom wants to keep us in away from the cold. As a single mother I have things to do, and not wait for her to have time for me to do them.

No complaints yet. I am hoping I get a big refund on my taxes. We will see how that goes. I haven’t got my paper work yet. They have until the end of the month. Also I am waiting for my credit card to send my statements. I need it to deduct moving expenses. Life is going on and on. I am working on being very positive instead of negative. It is a constant battle.

Waiting sucks!

The job checked my references. Well I know they talked to one person. Not to sure about the other. I don’t want to harass the second person. I  used him in a pinch because I couldn’t get in contact with the other person. She contacted me the day after. Things happen for a reason. I want them to call, but I am not looking forward to salary negotiation. I am hoping they give me a great salary and not go to the low-end of the rang. I would still always ask for more thought. My friend who is an HR manager said always do that.

It is only Tuesday. I emailed my references on Friday. I need to trust in god it will all be alright. I was hoping I would win some money and didn’t have to go to work. School would have been my next stop.

Single motherhood is not easy. I am sure the stress is going to go up with working. This is what I signed up for. I am getting ready for what has to happen. My co-worker in Georgia was telling me he had an offer, but there benefits sucks. I forgot all about the family plan health insurance. Which is usually expensive. I am going to pray it is reasonable. I got a lot of prayers going on here.

Nothing much going on with the plumber. Our bathroom is finished and we haven’t went on a date yet. He said the next week. We will see.

Moving Forward!

I might have a job. I had an interview on Wednesday. I really want this job. Other then it inconvenient location I am very much interested. It is a downgrade from what I was doing. I am a single mother and I don’t want the stress of what I was doing. Of course out of the four people who interview me three asked me why I was I going backwards. I couldn’t say I didn’t want the stress and managing people can be the biggest pain in the ass. After my answer one interviewer said that was a great answer.

Yesterday they asked for my references. That is a great sign. We will see. The next step would be negotiating salary. Which I am not that great at. I asked advice from my friend in Human Resources.

She said  women are not good at negotiating usually. She also told me for exempt roles they never give you there best offer first. Also that you are more respected if you negotiate. Life is about doing difficult things.

Having a baby by myself is definitely top on that list. She is my joy even thought at almost eight months she does this fake cry. I started fake crying back at her. She started laughing it was so cute.

Being a full-time working mom will be a challenge. I need money. I have bills I need to pay. Once I get totally out of debt I will feel like I can breathe finally. I took the lowest of the range I requested for this job and made a budget and hopefully can be totally out of debt by a year and half. Things are moving along. Going to work and not having all these naps I tend to take will be an adjustment. I am ready to go back a little nervous and excited.

Trying to be Productive!!

I been feeling like a lump on a log. I haven’t been working on my projects at all. My daughter goes to sleep early like six o’clock. She starts off in the pack n play and ends up in my bed. I turn around and go to sleep early myself. I need to work on things that engage my mind. I been working on classes for my profession. Also these blogs I want to keep up on. There is another blog I have ignored for a few years. I need to practice my writing and get my life together. I know single mothers do a lot in their life.

When I put my mind to something I usually get it done. I want to be productive and feel like I am working on accomplishing my dreams.

Tomorrow I have an interview with another recruiter. Hopefully getting closer to getting a job. The money tree hasn’t blessed me with the funds to not work. I am still keeping hope alive on that front. My child like her mother sleeps a lot. I love to sleep which I been told is a sign of depression. Which I have to worry about going to a deep dark place in my head. I need to make my mind up to be happy. I know that is easier said then done. I have a lot of blessing and every time I am depressed I feel I am turning my back on my blessings.

I know I have many future blessing. I need to work toward them. I posted my weight on Facebook. I plan to be at my goal weight of 165 eventually. I got a lot of support for getting under 200 pounds. My cousin said he couldn’t do it he is very private. I told him we are different people. I am not really the be in the spotlight type of person, but if I can help someone I would. Not to say he wouldn’t. For me it doesn’t have to be someone I know intimately. Which are most of my friends on Facebook.

I just watch the marathon of 16 and pregnant where are they now. I felt bad for most of those girls. It was awful how stagnant a lot of their lives were. Some didn’t finish high school. Working low paying service jobs. A lot of their baby daddies not stepping up. All of it was very depressing and makes me feel great about my life choices.

I am watching my child sleep while I am typing on this eight year old laptop. I really need a new one, but don’t see the point while this one is still working. When I get a job I know I am going to be in the hustle of life.  I am blessed I got to be home with my daughter for eight months. I never planned for this, so it was meant to happen. Still not totally broke yet, and waiting to file my taxes this year to get some cash. When the weather breaks and Ava is older we are going to be doing a lot. I plan for Saturday’s to be her day that we do something geared towards her. I still want more kids. I know I sound crazy, but I don’t want her to be an only child if I can help it. We will see how it goes.

2014 Starting out great!!

20150103_073313I have lost 39 pounds. I am almost to my goal, 34 more pounds to go. I am so excited for my weight loss. Granted this was done with eating right. I do have a gym membership. I usually don’t have a baby sitter to go. My mother does the best she can. Since she is my only babysitter I have to work around her.

The plumber is coming on strong. Not sure if I want to go there. We will see. I don’t do instant relationships. I have to get to know someone. He already said he loved me. I said that is nice. I told him when I say it I will mean it. I try my best to not tell people how they feel. My feelings do not come on that quickly. I am not the most trusting person. For a number of reason. I told him he can work with that or move on. His option. I won’t be upset either way.

Ava is doing great. She is a diva, which her personality blows my mind every day. I have been looking for a job, which has been stressful. Truth be told I wish I didn’t have to work. Or could work part-time. I have been good with my money. I still have savings. I also have credit card debt. Which is my next goal. To be debt free. I know it is going to be hard to work full-time and be a Mom.

The plumber really likes Ava and was talking about adopting her. Which really is making me life him more. He wants more children, which I want one more. I still secretly think of having twins. I need to be realistic, that would be a big challenge. Two girls would be my ultimate. With a father figure in their life. Even if we are not together. That would work for me in a big way.