2014 Starting out great!!

20150103_073313I have lost 39 pounds. I am almost to my goal, 34 more pounds to go. I am so excited for my weight loss. Granted this was done with eating right. I do have a gym membership. I usually don’t have a baby sitter to go. My mother does the best she can. Since she is my only babysitter I have to work around her.

The plumber is coming on strong. Not sure if I want to go there. We will see. I don’t do instant relationships. I have to get to know someone. He already said he loved me. I said that is nice. I told him when I say it I will mean it. I try my best to not tell people how they feel. My feelings do not come on that quickly. I am not the most trusting person. For a number of reason. I told him he can work with that or move on. His option. I won’t be upset either way.

Ava is doing great. She is a diva, which her personality blows my mind every day. I have been looking for a job, which has been stressful. Truth be told I wish I didn’t have to work. Or could work part-time. I have been good with my money. I still have savings. I also have credit card debt. Which is my next goal. To be debt free. I know it is going to be hard to work full-time and be a Mom.

The plumber really likes Ava and was talking about adopting her. Which really is making me life him more. He wants more children, which I want one more. I still secretly think of having twins. I need to be realistic, that would be a big challenge. Two girls would be my ultimate. With a father figure in their life. Even if we are not together. That would work for me in a big way.


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