Moving Forward!

I might have a job. I had an interview on Wednesday. I really want this job. Other then it inconvenient location I am very much interested. It is a downgrade from what I was doing. I am a single mother and I don’t want the stress of what I was doing. Of course out of the four people who interview me three asked me why I was I going backwards. I couldn’t say I didn’t want the stress and managing people can be the biggest pain in the ass. After my answer one interviewer said that was a great answer.

Yesterday they asked for my references. That is a great sign. We will see. The next step would be negotiating salary. Which I am not that great at. I asked advice from my friend in Human Resources.

She said  women are not good at negotiating usually. She also told me for exempt roles they never give you there best offer first. Also that you are more respected if you negotiate. Life is about doing difficult things.

Having a baby by myself is definitely top on that list. She is my joy even thought at almost eight months she does this fake cry. I started fake crying back at her. She started laughing it was so cute.

Being a full-time working mom will be a challenge. I need money. I have bills I need to pay. Once I get totally out of debt I will feel like I can breathe finally. I took the lowest of the range I requested for this job and made a budget and hopefully can be totally out of debt by a year and half. Things are moving along. Going to work and not having all these naps I tend to take will be an adjustment. I am ready to go back a little nervous and excited.

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