Mad at myself!!

Ava and I was out and about today. Went to three stores for no reason. Other then nothing much to do. The HR person email me and stated the recruiter would be getting back to me. I received a long distance call at noon today. I just checked my messages an hour ago. I forgot I even gotten a call. I thought it was this recruiter that has been stalking me to take jobs I wasn’t interested in. No of course it was the woman calling about the job I am waiting to see if I have gotten. I am so mad at myself. I know waiting to Monday to call her back is not a deal breaker. I could have went into the weekend with good news.

God is teaching me patients. Which I am not happy about at all. My child is up and not trying to go to sleep. Our bathroom is complete and she did take a bath. She loved it. I need to buy bathtub toys. The seat I bought was bathtub seat I also took a bath using the whirlpool jets. If the water didn’t get cold I would have still been in there. Hopefully I will be employed by February. Working on the positive. So no hopefully. I will be employed by February.


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