Working mother!!

Ok my day started with commuter rail not coming. They send a bus to get us to the station. My hands frezzing. Thank god for hand warmers. I am about to buy stock in that company. Half way to work and I got a call there was a delay until noon. Thank god someone let me in the building.

I got myself together in the bathroom. Found out I have a laptop they want me to take home on a regular basis to do work. Not that we get to work from home one day a week or anything. That would be to good to be true. No, it is to do work that you couldn’t get done. I don’t know I am going to hang with that mess. At least I wont be staying late. They also do not have flex time either. It’s a paycheck and I am grateful.

Even thought I would rather be rich, I am grateful. With bringing my laptop home there will not be much staying late for me. I also need to do a lot on the weekend. Make my lunches for the week. Get my clothes ready for the week. I didn’t have much time with my baby with all the things I had to do. I swear if I didn’t have debt I would have a part time job right now.

I can’t cry over spilled milk. It won’t stop the bills coming in the mail.


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