First week of work!!

I picked the worst of the year to take my ass to work. Snow storms, blizzards and freezing ass cold wind chills. This is crazy as hell. Yesterday my feet felt like ice pops. I was watching the news and they said it was going to be 12 below. I couldn’t take public the MBTA to work. Public transportation was crap. Delays and crowds. I couldn’t do it. I woke up and knew I wasn’t going to make it to work in the crazy cold. I got all the ice off the car and drove to work. I used my GPS because my cell phone seems to lose while driving. I really need a new cell phone. I have a Samsung S3. That has been acting crazy. I want to upgrade, but I refuse to get the Samsung S5 when I know the S6 will be coming.Then they are going to be giving the S5 for free.

I missed my baby so much. I cried in my work bathroom. The first day he missed me to. By the second and third day she was over it. Nana and her Ava were fine and in a routine. That is right Nana got her on a schedule in three days that I couldn’t get done in nine months.

I wake her up at 5am. She is usually in the bed with me. So when I turn on the light she starts rubbing her eyes and waking up. I change her diaper and put her in the pack n play. I go make breakfast and a bottle. After She finish the bottle I put her in her high chair that is in my room and she plays and watches the sprout network. After I leave my mother feeds her breakfast at 7:30am Cereal and baby food fruit. Then at 8:30-9:00am she goes to sleep for an hour and half. My mother said she is not getting played anymore. She let her cry herself to sleep on the second day. After that she goes to sleep on her own. Then she feeds her a bottle and later lunch (two baby foods) and she falls asleep again for a hour and half somewhere in the afternoon. By five she is feeding her dinner(Two Baby Foods) Now she is asleep and it I 9:30. Now my mother demands I commit to the schedule on non work days. I want to sleep in tomorrow. I guess I can try. She did put in the work. I know she is enjoying staying home with her granddaughter. So I love that she loves it.


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