2nd week of work!!

Another Monday and I might be at home again. The storm is bringing more damn snow. I can’t not wait until the spring. There is no place to put this snow. I have a work laptop. My boss sent me a text message and stated she wanted me to answer emails. Also not to get behind. I am not sure what I would get behind with. I have been there four days and honestly have no idea what comes next.

I am tired beyond belief and still need to make bottles. I should have did it earlier, but I didn’t feel like washing dishes first. I know a lazy ass answer, but it is the truth. My mother is cleaning the kitchen right now. Instead of going to sleep which my eyes are barely staying open. I have to put Ava in the Pack N Play and make sure she has something to eat.

I feel like I could sleep for a week. I did a budget and I see myself out of debt by April 2016. If I stick to the course of action. I am a planner. This a action I wanted to take for years.


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