Boston Blizzard Bullshit

All this snow is some major bullshit. I can’t believe I moved home and my first winter is this crazy. I am so thankful my mother has a snow blower. Even though I am not a fan of manual labor. It would have been ten times worst without that machine. I also know what ever car I get from this point on will have four-wheel drive. I need it for just in case.

My aunt didn’t get her car out last storm. Now this one the guy she called said he couldn’t help, because the last storm snow would have been ice. The guy she use to use would use a shovel. No one is moving this shit with a shovel if they can help it. Well that guy was sick and in the hospital so he wasn’t even an option.

She yelled at me on the phone and I was just trying to help. I called her son pissed off and told him about his mother. I told him to call her right now. She is too old to be out there shovel. What did I think he would do from Virginia. Not sure I wanted him to be on my side and put her butt into action to find someone on the phone.

Well he got to texting his friends. One of his friends was going to come over in the morning and dig her out with a shovel. Then another friend had a company he used. Well she ended up using the company. They came over did everything for 60 bucks. She said they were professional and nice. All this from her getting an attitude with me. Me bitching to her son. Her son getting into action in another state. God works in mysterious ways. I know the next time I get to a ATM I am getting some money to leave in the house. Just in case we ever need to use them. I told my mother to call them and ask if I can put their information on Facebook. I know other people could use their services.

I picked the worst time to start a job. We will see what happens on Tuesday. I am hoping the driving situation is a whole lot better. God thank you for your helping hand today!!! Shit I need to say thanks a whole lot more often than I do!!!


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