So damn tired!!

I will be 40 on Friday. I have no big plans. I started a new job and the benefits more than sucks. I know I need not worry about things. But damn the deductible is unbelievable high. this is some straight bullshit. I asked the recruiter about the benefits. She gave me the premium information. I needed to know what the damn insurance covered. I might have considered not taking the job.

The truth is I needed a job. I was on my last few thousand of dollars. I am happy to have a job, but the benefits make me want to keep looking. I am turning 40 and my plan is to go to sleep early on my birthday. I am so tired it is unbelievable I am up typint this.

I really need to work on somethings. Living my dreams take sacrifice. My sleep is being sacrificed. I need to know how to function on less sleep. I have aspirations to do many things. I have to fit that in with a full-time job.

The plumber wants a baby from me. I told him I would consider it if I didn’t have to work. I am serious if he can make that happen I would get pregnant again. I know I am crazy. Crazy is as crazy does!!!


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