Painting toe nails fail!!!

I tried to paint my toe nails tonight. It is going just as well as me trying to type this blog. Not at all. My toes look like a blind person painted them. She was asleep when I started and started screaming in the middle. I would wait until she goes to sleep again, but I am so tired.

I want another baby. I know I am writing a blog about not having twenty minutes to paint my nails. Still looking in her face makes me want another one. Granted I wish I could go to a nail salon. Which has nothing to do with money. More so with time and parking. There is still no where to park in Boston.

I forgot to call my mother I when I got to work. Which lead to a downward tail spin of the day. My mom freaked out and was mad at me for most of the day. I hate drama and which I had my own place to vacate to. She eventually got over and riled up Ava who now won’t go to sleep. I feel like it is her getting me back. LOL `

I really need to get myself together and carve out some me time. The fact that my toes look all crazy tells me I am not doing a good job with myself. I will put it on the list. LOL


3 thoughts on “Painting toe nails fail!!!

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