Re-thinking my choice!!

Not the choice of my baby. The choice of moving home with my mother. The past few weeks have been crazy. Nothing but family drama. I finally remember why I moved so far away from my crazy ass family. My biggest concern is that I am crazy just like them and don’t know it.

My mother has been a bunch of drama for weeks. In one of her good moments, I told her to the truth about how I was feeling. That I was regretting moving in with here and thinking of how I can move the hell out. She apologized and said she didn’t want me to move out. Which was a step in the right direction. We will see how long that last. Living with my mother indefinitely is not going to happen.

I know I need to appreciate the benefits. Which is financially I can get back on my feet. I don’t have to take my daughter out the house in the morning. I know she is safe and loved. In my fantasy land I would love to have another baby and work part time. I am going to stay focus. A lot of things I thought was a pipe dream actually happened. God has been good to me. I will continue to keep hope alive. I also do appreciate having a job. Which I really should be doing work right now. Oh well I will get to it eventually. Life is good, even thought I keep buying scratch tickets praying for some financial luck.


2 thoughts on “Re-thinking my choice!!

  1. Hey there, sorry about the family drama. hope your mom gets in a better mood. It is a really big savings on rent – rent is so expensive. I hope you’re able to stay a bit longer and get caught up/save some. sending good thoughts. what’s the latest milestones for your little girl? 🙂

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