This job is working my Ass!!!

???????????????????????Just a little picture of my 11 month old.

This job is getting there money’s worth out of me.  I am not stressed by management. I am stressing myself. I have a lot of work at this job and it is getting done slowly. I have deadlines and I feel behind the eight ball. I appreciate having a job, but I can’t lie to myself. I hate what I do. It is a means to a pay check not what I want to do with the rest of my life.

I wish I knew what the hell I wanted to do with the rest of my life. Life would be a whole different can of worms. My mother and I have been getting along great lately. One blessing I am claiming. If she didn’t stop the craziness I was going to crack. Pack my baby and get out of dodge. Now on the real I have no idea where I would go. But plans would have been made. She has also excepted we will eventually be moving out. You know how some parents don’t want you to come back. That is not my mother. She wants us to live here forever.

The plumber has been given his walking papers. I am not saying the door couldn’t possible be open one day. For now he got to much baggage for me. So moving on in dating land. Granted I haven’t put in the effort to date. I just don’t want any confusion by anyone. So I gave him the speech I don’t do drama and I am not waiting for you buddy. I don’t do waiting.

Now that I think about it, there is a lot shit I don’t do. Have sex isn’t one of them. But sex seems like such a distant memory. Not that I been feel extra sexual. It would be nice to have it as an option. Also never say what you won’t do. I wanted my child sleeping in her crib. Which the cat is in more then she has ever been. Not my plan at all. My mother pushed the issue and so that is how it went.

I know Nana is going to spoil, but I need my space to do things the way I want them. I digress. Life is good so far no real complaint. I have luxury problems. Which in the grand scheme of problems. I rather have luxury problems.


One thought on “This job is working my Ass!!!

  1. Hey there – I hear you on the job frustration. I am a career counselor and my website is – if you want to join my mailing list (you can unjoin later if you want. I don’t post often at all), hit the “Learn More” button at the bottom of my site and you will get a free “career clarity questionnaire” that might be helpful in thinking about careers. 🙂 Sending good thoughts. Sounds like plumber was not the right guy.

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