Working hard as hell!!

I got to work at 7:15am and left at 6:30pm. I could have stayed several more hours and still had much to do tomorrow. This job is a trip with the work load. I also been told I do not have the work load of others. Which is too damn scary. When I was childless working late hours was no biggie. Now I want to see my baby. Who has a bit of an attitude for the last couple of days. We think she is getting more teeth. She is crazy fussy and coming up with some new crying sounds.

I know my mother is tired of her by the time I get home. Which I can understand it is a long day. She was cool about watching her late tonight. I decided I am going to have to look for an alternative for a job with better hours. I don’t mind working hard, but damn. I am sure the more I know the better I will get at the job.

The plumber is still trying to stay in the game. He called my mother and told her he wanted to contribute to Ava’s birthday. My mother said buy a gift. He wants to pay for part of the party. I am telling you he is trying to stay in the game. Which it is nice to be wanted. Believe me I haven’t had that feeling in a long while. Mostly by choice. I am having baby fever. I still love every new phase of Ava and I don’t miss the baby phase. When I was basically walking into walls because I was so tired. I have no idea how I would juggle more then one child.

One of my sister SMC. Which I met at my first meeting is pregnant with her second. Which I don’t even know how I would handle that because I was so tired when I was pregnant. I was in a comma every time my head hit the pillow.

I appreciate having a job. It came right on time. I make decent money. I am still jealous of the folks that don’t have to work. Such is life!!!


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